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What to expect when you come for treatment

Little Wren Therapy offers a fully holistic approach to all problems presented and the treatment is complementary to mainstream medical treatment. The treatment is not a replacement for medical advice from a qualified doctor. It is based on sound anatomical & physiological knowledge of the body.

Key Points of Bowen

  • There are breaks during treatment when the practitioner will leave the room or stand back from the table. This is to allow the body time to respond to the work that has just taken place.
  • There is no hard manipulation or adjustment.
  • The therapists hands don't slide over the body, the therapists fingers and thumbs move the skin and soft tissues at specific locations to create a change in tension.

The Treatments

  • A medical history will be taken on your first treatment so please bring a list of current medication.
  • A consultation and postural assessment will be done prior to each treatment so that changes can be recorded
  • You can wear light, loose fitting clothing during the treatment & cosy blankets are provided to keep you warm and toasty!


  • Each appointment is roughly 60 mins and costs £40 per session.
  • A course of 3 treatments over a period of 3-4 weeks are normally recommended.
  • If booking in advance a special price of £100 for the three treatments is given. 
  • Most clients find that 3 treatments are sufficient to provide effective relief from their problems. Regular 'top up' sessions are then recommended every few months to maintain optimum health.

Points to note before your arrival

  • Treatment outcomes will be improved if you are well hydrated before your appointment. This will ensure the tissues of your body are soft and supple and help to flush out toxins.
  • We ask that you don't have any other therapy for at least a week before or after your Bowen treatment. This allows time for changes to take place after each therapy and ensure the body is not overworked.
  • The therapy room is located downstairs in the centre so if you have difficulty with stairs please inform a member of the team when booking your appointment as access is available at the rear of the property.

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